Tax consultant

From tax compliance to your annual tax return, and everything in between, peace of mind is only a phone call away! MMS Cloud Accounting offers professional taxation guidance and services. As your business’ tax consultant, we ensure that your business is at all times taxation compliant, and that all related deadlines are met.

Our team brings a vast range of expertise and experience to the table, in both finance and taxation, backed by years of experience in assisting clients with tax legislation and compliance. We are passionate about our knowledge of taxation laws and regulations and make it our mission to stay up-to-date with changes that may impact our clients. This is another of the many reasons our clients can expect quality in both service and accuracy when choosing to appoint our team.


Tax consultant

The majority of South African residents are required to register as taxpayers with SARS. If you meet any of the following requirements, you are required to pay tax in South Africa:

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    Just as with all the other services offered by MMS Cloud Accounting, our taxation services are offered with a personalised approach. As your tax consultant, you can count on us to meet all obligatory tax requirements. Our tax services include:
    • Personal and corporate income tax returns
    • Advice on the implications of income tax legislation
    • Advice on various forms of taxation, such as PAYE, SDL, UIF, corporate income taxes, stamp duty, estate duty, donations tax and VAT
    • Advice on capital gains tax and dividends withholding tax
    • Contacting SARS on the client’s behalf
    • Estates and Trusts

    Each of our standard accounting packages includes taxation services to address submission requirements as well as client services that remind you of upcoming taxation deadlines. To see our accounting packages, click here.



    Any individual that derives a total salary income before tax of less than R350 000 in a full year from a single employer and does not have any other sources of additional income (such as rental income or interest from investments), and does not wish to lodge a claim against that income, is not required to submit an income tax return.  Claims against income would include items such as medical expenses, travel expenses or retirement annuity premiums.   

    Any natural person that falls outside these parameters, or entity (trust, company, etc) is required to register with SARS for income tax and submit annual returns.  Failure to register and meet SARS filing requirements and deadlines could render the taxpayer liable to penalties. 

    Whether you are unsure about income tax registration or are unfamiliar with the income tax returns process, our team will ensure that you meet all relevant annual tax return requirements to achieve the desired taxation compliance status.


    The provisional taxation system is an alternative collection mechanism to monthly PAYE, which would be collected by an employer from the salaried taxable income of its employees. An individual that derives taxable income that is not subject to PAYE, is required to register as a provisional taxpayer.  Provisional tax is payable in two parts twice annually, based on estimated taxable income for the tax year in question, with a top-up or additional payment (if applicable) upon assessment. 

    All companies, trusts and other juristic entities automatically fall into the provisional tax system.

    Our tax consultants can assist with provisional tax registration and administration to ensure your business’s compliance.
    • A one-stop service
    Dealing with SARS as a small business owner is a challenge for most, and a real distraction from the everyday challenges of running your own business. Let us do it for you – all as part of your fixed-price package. Our packages are designed for small business owners and will help you maintain tax compliance, enjoy revolutionised processing and reconciliation, give you access to monthly reports for improved decision making and much more.
    • Tax compliance without the stress and uncertainty

    SARS is known to issue heavy penalties to non-compliant taxpayers. Additionally, interest can be levied on outstanding amounts, which can be detrimental to any business.

    Our team can take year-end financial accounts and tax returns off your hands. Our integrated platform puts all your information in one place, making it easy for us to provide complete records for SARS and the Department of Labour. No more searching through piles of files and spreadsheets to maintain compliance – we’ll sort it all out for you, leaving you with more time on your hands to focus on other aspects of your business.

    • On-time submissions – every time
    As experts in matters relating to tax, our tax consultants have the expertise to assist individuals and companies with the preparation of tax filings and returns. We assess individual circumstances to ensure we provide valuable and actionable tax insights for your business. This professionalism allows us to ensure that our clients’ annual tax returns (including VAT) are prepared and submitted on time.

    If you would like more information on our tax consultant services, you are more than welcome to contact us directly.