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payroll services

Many business owners often do not have the time to correctly manage their payroll requirements, which can have detrimental effects on a range of business areas, including legislative compliance and employee morale. Not only is paying your employees on time vital to keeping them motivated and productive, but your company’s payroll also needs to adhere to the regulations as set out by SARS.

MMS Cloud Accounting offers premium, outsourced payroll services that are accurate and are delivered in complete confidentiality. We make use of the latest and most reliable software available to ensure the timely payment of our clients’ employees.

Reasons to rely on MMS for your payroll requirements include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Confidentiality with regards to our clients’ salaries and wages
  • No need to purchase expensive payroll software
  • No need to employ full-time payroll staff
  • We agree upon payroll procedures with our clients beforehand, therefore our payroll services are completely transparent
  • Maintain compliance with relevant tax legislation
  • Minimise costly mistakes

Our monthly accounting packages include payroll services that include payroll processing, as well as all submissions to SARS, the Department of Labour and the Compensation Commissioner.

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    Simplified payroll services is what we strive for


    To simplify your payroll services, we link your payroll administration to your Cloud Accounting platforms for seamless integration and optimal convenience. This implies that you can manage your company’s payroll from anywhere – as long as you have an active internet connection.

    We make use of SAGE VIP Payroll. This software was designed with one aim in mind: to make sure that payrolls can be taken care of as quickly and accurately as possible. The software asks the right questions to ensure that your payroll deductions are calculated correctly. 

    SAGE VIP Payroll offers:

    • Full integration with Xero
    • User-friendly interface
    • Real-time accessibility
    • Colour-coded fields
    • Easy to access ‘help’ feature
    • Employee portal
    • Simple leave requests
    • Access to previous payslips

    The SAGE VIP Payroll platform allows an unlimited number of employees to be accommodated within one system. Employees can also be combined across multiple companies for complete ease of management. In addition, this software offers a report writing tool for and assists in streamlining HR processes with various employee tools.

    SAGE VIP Payroll software strives for continuous innovation to simplify management of payroll needs. This leading software is frequently updated to remain up to date with the latest legislative changes. This ensures business owners can rest assured that they are always 100% compliant.

    Services we offer to assist:

    • Payroll setup
    • Payroll processing, including statutory reports for SARS submissions
    • Payroll administration
    • Remote assistance when required

    Why automate your payroll?


    Payroll is an essential administrative component of any business. Ensuring that your workers are paid correctly and on time is essential for several reasons. Unfortunately, the main cause of payroll errors is inaccurate systems, which stems mainly from human error. With an automated payroll system, business owners can avoid calculation errors, saving costs, effort, and loss of employee morale! Inaccuracies within payroll administration can negatively impact the business as it results in compliance irregularities that could result in SARS imposed penalties.

    Through the time saved with automated payroll software, business owners can redirect their attention to crucial processes that aid business growth. The ease of these systems allows for accurate tracking of employee information, such as leave days, to ensure complete accuracy for calculating deductions.

    Outsourcing payroll services is more cost-effective than creating a separate department and allows employees to devote their time to other areas of the business. For more information on how our cloud accounting packages can assist with payroll services, reach out to our team.

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