company secretarial services
Have you considered outsourcing your company secretarial services? If filing, corresponding and compliance duties are not your forte, consider outsourcing these functions to our strategic partner, Louis Meyer Secretarial, also known as LMS. LMS is an expert team of practised company secretarial professionals who further fulfil the corporate governance and compliance duties required of a company.

Shareholders, Directors, or business owners have an obligation to be compliant in legislated filing or prescribed secretarial duties and may therefore require assistance in this regard. Louis Meyer Secretarial has experience of more than two decades in professional company secretarial support which have helped many new businesses find their feet and open doors successfully.

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    Shelf Companies

    The primary appeal of shelf companies is their ability to begin immediate trade. LMS has shelf companies that have no previous trade history and were designed purely for commercial activity.


    Company or CC Yearend and Registered Address Changes

    The CIPC can process various changes, such as the financial yearend date of your company, as well as its registered address. Companies are entitled to one change of financial yearends during any financial year and have to ensure the accuracy of their registered address to avoid penalties. LMS can assist with successfully processing these changes with the CIPC.


    Directors, Auditors and Public Officer Amendments

    The LMS experts can assist with amending CIPC records for changes to company directors, auditors, and public officers. This can be needed due to replacements, resignations, removals or death.

    Reinstatement of Companies and Close Corporations

    The CIPC can automatically deregister a company that has failed to submit annual returns, amongst other reasons. In such a scenario, the company will have to be reinstated. For assistance in re-instating a company or closed corporation, the team at LMS can assist.


    Annual Returns

    LMS has extensive knowledge of current CIPC requirements regarding annual return filings and related processes. Their experience in this administrative process ensures timeous and accurate returns to ensure your business’s compliance.


    Company Registration

    Successful company registrations enable formal trade and entity growth. LMS has extensive knowledge in completing registrations with the CIPC and can assist through a hassle-free process.

    Company Register Maintenance and Updates

    All companies are required to maintain their share register. This registration should comply with the legal requirements set out in Section 50 of the Companies Act. The LMS team can assist with maintenance and updates of this register.

    Special Resolutions and MOI

    The company secretarial professionals at LMS can assist with submitting special resolutions on your company’s behalf. Additionally, they can facilitate flawless MOI amendments, company name changes, and company winding-up approval.

    Conversion of CC’s

    The LMS team is fully versed in the process of converting a Closed Corporation into a Private Company. As a result, LMS can assist with a seamless conversion that meets the outlined requirements.


    Share Capital Amendments

    A company’s share capital comprises funds contributed by company shareholders. Due to a change in the Companies Act of 2008, the way in which companies are capitalised has been adjusted, which has led to par value shares. LMS can assist if you require assistance with converting company par value shares.


    New Non-profit and External Companies

    Non-profit companies serve public interests and do not earn distributable income. External companies are similar because they do not earn distributable income; however, they are incorporated outside of South African borders. LMS can assist with successful registrations for these entities.

    Business Registration and Name Changes

    South African legislation states that a company can be registered with or without a company name, in which case your entity’s registration number serves as it’s trading name, until formalized at a later date. LMS can assist with easily registering your business’s official name to protect intellectual property interests.



    Business owners who wish to deregister their company and formally declare the entity’s closure can seek LMS for assistance. We can apply for final deregistration on your behalf and handle the process flawlessly.


    LMS takes the time to understand the secretarial needs in each of their clients, and endeavour to solve these needs via the applications of our skilled and experienced professionals. Personalised secretarial services can assist business owners in adhering to corporate compliance with cost-effective outsourcing of these administrative services.

    The administration of a company is a complex and time-consuming function which may take decision makers or directors away from their duties, which is unproductive. Therefore, outsourcing your company secretarial services is a sound business decision and investment, which then allows the heads of a company to focus their energy on operational duties better.

    By choosing LMS to handle your company secretarial services, you can be rest assured your administrative and compliant matters are dealt with professionally and proficiently.