5 Xero Accounting Apps every business should have in 2021

At MMS Cloud Accounting, we pride ourselves on world class systems, world class service and to add to that, world class advice. Our strategic partnership with Xero means that we have the cloud accounting knowledge and business understanding to offer advice on apps available to Xero users, that will streamline their processes and make a real difference to your business.
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Here is our current “Top 5 Xero Apps” that any small business owner should include in their Xero Cloud Accounting portfolio:
  1. Chaser Credit Control
    This app is a leader in personalized credit control. The app promotes faster payment of outstanding customer invoices, through automated email software that triggers on unpaid invoices. Best of all – it never loses the human touch!

    The app includes email templates that can be customized for personal emails, sending schedules, and provides insights to further understand the pattern of customer payments. Its charm lies in its ability to look and sound refreshingly human. It will even thank your customers when they pay!
  1. Float – Cash Flow Forecasting and Management
    This app removes the dependency of most small business owners on more error-prone software platforms like Excel. This app is a visual, efficient and accurate alternative for business owners to access a forecast of their business cash flow in the future.

    The software creates helpful cash flow forecasts, helping small business owners to make grounded business decisions. With the support of an app like Float, big-ticket decisions like new staff appointments, fixed asset acquisitions, etc, can be better planned.
  1. Vend point-of-sales
    Designed for inventory-based retail businesses, this app promotes easy inventory management, reporting and customer engagement tools. By tracking inventory movements, sales and the like, the app removes the agony of admin tasks associated with payment handling on inventory.

    The depth of data available from Vend promotes easier decision-making on slow- and fast-moving inventory items, and so forth.
  1. Quotient Quotations
    Developed for small business owners, Quotient is a simple quoting system. Thanks to the integration with Xero, Quotient tracks initial quotes through to invoices, including the customer dialogue.

    The app offers flexibility to add on images, edit quotes and obtain legally-binding acceptance of client quotations. It is especially loved by SME’s due to the leading time-saving features embedded in this software.
  1. Hubdoc
    Revolutionary in its functionality, Hubdoc imports all financial documents so that they may be exported into usable data. The software extracts key information from any financial document (invoices, etc), performing the data entry automatically. The user can also view all historical documents in one secure place – online.

    In a nutshell, Hubdoc automates a significant volume of the document collection process required to maintain accurate and reliable financial information. Best of all, Hubdoc is included in our cloud accounting packages for our clients.
For small business owners with ambitions of growing their business, the support of an affordable, entrepreneurially minded finance team is invaluable.  This is why have developed a suite of cloud accounting packages from as little as R4,000 ex VAT per month. New clients have the added upside of having a month to decide whether we are as good as we claim to be – your first month is on us! 

To see what we have to offer and experience the MMS Cloud Accounting difference, reach out to us for a fresh approach to supporting your business.