Knowledge is to know that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is to know that you should not use it in a fruit salad.” We live in the age of technology and the amount of information readily available to all is mind boggling. It is now more than ever important to ensure you use all the information to your disposal to set yourself and your business up for success.

For each person the definition of success will be different. It made me think of the “Rule of 5” by John Maxwell. The Rule of 5 is simply a series of activities that you do every day that is paramount to your success. He describes it by way of the following example:

You have a tree in your yard and you take your axe and every day you go out and swing 5 times at the tree with your axe, you keep on doing this every day. Eventually the tree will fall-down. This is a fact”

What is important to note is:

  • The correct tool is used – the axe,
  • The action is performed intentionally,
  • The action is performed consistently over a period of time.

It took John Maxwell 7 years to define his 5 activities necessary for him to be successful. John’s daily activities consists of:

  • Reading,
  • Thinking,
  • Filing;
  • Asking questions,
  • Writing.

Doing this every day (yes, every day) for a consistently long period has made him arguably the most successful writer and public speaker on the topic of leadership.

Have you defined for yourself what is success? Have you identified the correct “tools” to use in your line of business to ensure you give yourself and the business a change on success? Have you defined the daily activities necessary in your business to ensure success?

We at MMS Cloud Accounting believe in teamwork. We work with business owners to understand their own definition of success and why they are so passionate about their business and industry they operate in. If you are a business owner and you are interested in growing your business, increasing your business profits, reducing the reliance of the business on you as the owner, improve the ability of the business to serve more clients or develop your business into a sellable business in the future, then you should ask us how we can assist you in achieving this.

We look forward to meeting with you to understand your situations and challenges and to assist you to solve the problems through teamwork.

Success is teamwork. Surround yourself with the winning team. Your partner in business.

Paul Botha                                                                                                          

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