Section 10(1)(q) Improve company cash flow and your employees’ cash flow

Section 10(1)(q), if administered correctly by the employer, can provide value to the company’s qualifying employees as well as to the company.


In simple terms if:

  • The employer pays for the employees’ or the relatives of the employees’ school or tertiary fees directly to the relevant education institutions,
  • Then the employees’ salaries can be restructured so as to include these payments as pre-tax deductions – thus saving the employees’ tax and improving their personal cash flow.

The benefit for employers is a reduced Skills Development Levy (SDL) as SDL is not calculated on the S10(1)(q) exemption.

Section 10(1)(q) exempts any bona fide scholarships or bursary granted to assist or enable any person to study at a recognised educational research institution. In the case of a scholarship or bursary granted to a relative of an employee the exemption is applicable provided the employee’s remuneration does not exceed R600,000 per year, and is limited to:

  • R20,000 per year for grades R to 12 (NQF levels 1 to 4); or
  • R60,000 per year for NGF levels 5 to 10.

In the case of assistance to a disabled person who is a member of the employee’s family, where the employee has a duty of family care and support in respect of the disabled person, the exemption is limited to:

  • R30,000 per year for grades R to 12 (NQF levels 1 to 4) or;
  • R90,000 per year for NGF levels 5 to 10.

The proviso of employee remuneration not exceeding R600,000 per year applies equally in this case.

Below are two practical examples to illustrate the tax benefits.

section 10(1)(q)

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